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Default Re: Random things that piss me off...

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
2) Pretty much the entire driving population of Michigan which sucks.
They suck here in NY as well. I was crossing the street in front of my apartment complex one time. An SUV coming down the road on my left stopped for me, and I started to cross. In the entrance to the parking lot on the other side of this street sat a car. Facing out, no blinkers, no indication at all that it was going to move. As I cross the middle line, the car peels out with a left turn at about 60 mph. We have a large sign in the middle of the road that says "Stop for Pedestrians," and people ignore it. Hell, I've had cops not stop when I'm crossing the road.

And yet the state of New York will not let me have my license (I have hydrocephalus, a form of cerebral palsy. And no, it's not contagious). It took me an entire summer just to get my permit, because the DMV kept "losing" the paperwork.

I could give you a whole list of things that piss me off that have to do with people's attitude towards me. Instead, I'll give you something else that pisses me off: the next person to tell me that Pink Floyd and everyone who listens to them are stoners is going to get a copy of Nick Schaffner's Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey upside the head. Although I'm sure Nick Mason's book would hurt more. Schaffner's book's a great one, by the by.

I've also been told that Pink Floyd is goth, which...what the hell, you guys.
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