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Default Re: Random things that piss me off...

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
15) I unfortunately go to school with some of these Teenagers. It's really annoying that teens like me who actually have level heads and work hard to earn what other teens think they are owed are getting a bad name because of those idiots.

16) This one I also find very annoying. I don't agree with some of the things my mom does, but that doesn't mean I should throw a fit over it. I just get over it, and do what she asks around the house as annoying as it is. All kids are going to have to learn one day that parents raise us they way they do because they feel it's best to do so that way.
Maybe you should go on tour around the country and explain to groups of teenagers these two points. I ask two things of my older children - respect and obey. Respect the fact that I am older and know more than you do and have seen more than probably 98% of the teenage population. Obey when you are asked do something. There's one of two reasons why a parent asks a child to do something - 1) to help out around the house or 2) to make them learn how to do things on their own so they know how to do it later in life.

While I agree, that I never really understood why I had to do certain jobs as a child in my parent's household, I obeyed and respected my parents. Mostly because my father told me if I disrespected his wife (which yes was my mother) we would walk out back and only one of us would walk back in.

But I digress, SCM, if you are even close to the levelheadedness that you proclaim, then you could do those other kids a huge favor if you just shared your message with them.

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