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Default Re: Paranoia gone too far....

I am only 22 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!), so I have not seen as much as many of you have (geezers,jk). However I agree, this country is going to hell in a handbasket...and it is not Bush's fault.

Sadly enough, GW will probally be the last President we see who has a set of metaphoric balls. If John Kerry were voted into office, this country wouldn't exist anymore. That jackass didn't know what he wanted to do.

The hippie generation is unfortunatly starting to come into power, and they are nothing but pussies. They don't think the American people can govern their own households. In this country, we will soon lose the right to think for ourselves.

The senior citizens are lucky. They won't be around when the generation currently in school starts coming into office. But I will be, and I won't let some limp wristed little ***** tell me how to think, act, or raise my kid(s) when I have any. I don't really give two shits about how others perceive me. If they don't like me, good for them. Give them a cookie or something.

Also, you guys think a wooden spoon and spatchula is bad?

You know those wooden paddles with the ball attatched with a rubber band? My mom always bought me and my brother those knowing she'd have a cheap paddle to whoop us with in an hour.

And when she got sick of those, she had my grandfather make a paddle. It was made out of oak, it was long with holes drilled into it so we'd really get the message for the next 2 days every time we sat down. It also had a long handle.

And to get onto the original topic. How anyone thought that was a drawing of a gun, unless the kid said it was a gun, I truly do not know. I have never seena gun with someone walking in top of it, sliding down a rope off of it, or a gun with windows.

If kids are getting a weeks suspension for that drawing, I'd hate to think of what I'd get for the stuff I drew in school. They'd probally throw me in a mental institustion.

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