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Default Re: Paranoia gone too far....

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
At my son's elementary school last year, they were concerned because he was drawing tanks blowing up planes or vice versa. People were concerned that he was drawing war pictures. I was like, "Let the kid be a kid. When I was his age I drew war pictures too....and yes people were blown up in them too."

Thankfully, nothing really came of it and eventually he moved on to drawing other things.
My 7 year old grandson went to a birthday party on a Sunday afternoon when he was in kindergarten and one of the party favors they gave out was a little plastic candy bag with a toy water pistol about the size of my little fingernail attached to a keychain. Zac put the bag in his coat pocket and forgot to take it out. The next morning at school when he was taking his coat off to hang it in his locker, the bag fell out of his pocket and the water pistol fell out on the floor. His KG teacher was standing right there, picked up the keychain with water pistol attached, grabbed a hold of Zac and marched him down to the principal's office. He ended up getting suspended from school for 3 days for "bringing a weapon to school". My daughter appealed to the School Board and her complaint wasn't heard until after he had already had his 3 day "hiatus", but her complaints fell on deaf ears. It wasn't until I told her to threaten them with legal action if they didn't remove that ridiculous notation from his school record that they finally agreed to do so and revoke the suspension (though as I said - he had already served it). I was horrified to say the least.

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