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Default Re: Random things that piss me off...

Okay, I work as a customer service rep at a gas station (it's a nice way of saying gas station attendant). So a lot of these have to do with my job.

1. People who don't get off of their phones when they get to the register. Come one, is it that painful to tell someone to hold on while I ring you up? Last night, some guy didn't hear the total and he was paying with his bank card. He got pissed at me because he was to engulfed in his telephone conversation to pay any attention. He just handed me the card, so I swiped it.

Turns out, he called my work today and asked if they could take the $40 overdraft fee out of my paycheck. My boss just hung up on him.

2. People with no common sense whatsoever. Seriously, if the sign says the car wash is closed, why do you buy one then come in and yell at me? If the light up sign is not lit up at night, guess what? THE CAR WAS IS CLOSED! It's not my fault you lack common sense.

3. Just about every damn teenager in my city. All the kids drive down my street when theya re going to/coming from school. So I get to sit in my driveway for 30-45 minutes while these kids drag race on my 25 MPH street in brand new cars that mommy and daddy bought them. They look down on me driving my 1992 Mazda Protege compared to their 2007 BMW. They don't understand the value of a dollar because most of the little bastards don't have to work for anything. And when they wreck their brand new vehicles because they have no respect for what they have...mommy and daddy buy them the BETTER MODEL of the car!

4. People who are at the checkout and wait until after they get their total to start getting money ready. I also hate the people that don't orginize their money and have it in a wadded ball in their pocket. These are the types of people, if you steal their money, they won't know how much you took because they had no clue how much they had.

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