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Default Re: Random things that piss me off...

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
I just copied and pasted my response to a Pet Peeves thread that was started many moons ago. These things STILL torque me off.

Chewing food like you were born in a barnyard. Geez - if I wanted to wear what you were eating, I'd have ordered it my damned self - LOL!

People who blast their car radios with their windows wide open no matter what the season. I don't want to hear your shart stompin', head banging, fo shizzle poor excuse for music. I play back - I pop in my Johnny Cash tape and blast "I Walk the Line" as high as the volume will go - that usually earns me a hairy eyeball, a middle finger, a head shake or a quick roll up of the window.

People who use the excuse of walking their dog as an opportunity for Fido to shart in your nicely manicured lawn. Ughhhh. Chocolate Ex-Lax works great- dogs love it (and so do carpet cleaning companies)! Their owners, unfortunately, don't.

Those who bring their infants and toddlers to sporting events. Look - the thought is nice, your kid is really cute, but junior isn't going to understand what is going on, isn't going to remember it and why make our lives and experience miserable because you can spend $14.00 on two beers but can't spend $20.00 on a sitter? I love babies, but I don't enjoy their screaming when I'm trying to enjoy the game!

Sucking your own fingers when eating. My God - do you HAVE to get every single last drop?? I'd prefer you stick your face in the bowl and slurp it up rather than seeing (and hearing) you slurping your fingers - that's nasty!

Putting your fingers in my plate and helping yourself to my food - damn it - ask and you shall receive! I'm a softie, honestly I am, but that could earn you a forked finger.

People who stand in the middle of an aisle at a store or sporting event to BS. (Usually happens to me in the candy aisle at the store. I'm on to them - while they're pretending to chit-chat, they're eyeing up the goodies and deciding which 10 bags they're going to hide in their cart so the hubby doesn't see it - LOL!) Moooooooove on over, please?

Drivers who tailgate and flash their lights at me while I'm in the right lane on an interstate, going the speed limit or a bit above, thinking it is going to make me risk getting a ticket so they can get to their bar or peep show or wherever the heck they're in such a hurry to get to. Sorry Bullwinkle - that usually has the opposite effect and hey - did you ever hear of the passing lane?

Going into a public restroom (this happens a lot at PNC and HF) and finding out after it's too late that the toilet paper dispenser is empty. I know, I know - look before you sit, but sometimes when you gotta go, you just gotta go and you assume that the ignoramus who used the last piece would have the common courtesy to let the attendant or someone know. I'm religious about that myself.

I remember that thread... I think I started it because I was ticked off at someone in an airplane using his wireless internet... regardless of what the flight attendant said.
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