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Default Re: Random things that piss me off...

Originally Posted by SteelersMongol View Post
For those of you who think driving is bad in the states, believe me YOU GUYS HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET. Driving here in Mongolia sucks big time. Particularly in the capital it sucks worse. I've drove in quite many states when I was in the US so I know. Though I think Chicago was the worst, out of the states I've been when it comes to driving.

It wasn't like this 8 years ago in here. Now many of these a-holes don't know nothing about DRIVING. You'll see some of the most impatient, rude, mean, blind and stupid people. For example, they'll start honking when you stop and try to let pedestrians cross. Heck, some will be honking to tell you to move even when the green light is not even on.

Enjoy your country.
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