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Default Real sports on HBO

If you get a chance to watch Real Sports on HBO it's a good one. Interview with Pacman Jones who of course is innocent of all the altercations he's been involved in the past 3 years. According to Pacman the only thing that is true is the guy he punch with his fist not a pool Q as reported. Personally I thought he was a pathetic liar.

They did a segment on dog fighting it was very graphic and it turned my stomach. They interviewed a guy who's dog was stolen from his yard as used as "bait" to teach pits how to kill. They first shattered the puppies hip so she couldn't defend herself and make her easy bait. They owner found his dog as she was trying to make her way home bloodied. They take these pets and mos of the time they tape the dogs mouth closed with duck tape so they are not able to defend themselves when their tossed in the pit for practice that dog wasn't so lucky and it was killed and found with the tape still on its muzzle.

The last segment was an interview with Javon Walker and the murder of Darrent Williams. My heart went out to Walker what a waste.
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