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Default Re: Pirates? Really?

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
No, it doesn't mean Weiters is going to be great, but I would have taken him and the "gamble" over Moskos and the "gamble", which has been my point and opinion all along. No pick in any draft is a for sure shot, but if I'm choosing and I'm the Pittsburgh Pirates, I take the better player available during this pathetic 15 year span in our storied history.

Also fwiw, from what I've read, seen and heard, it was not just the mean and brutal "Pittsburgh media" that felt it was a idiotic and stupid move to take Moskos over Weiters or to pass on Weiters in general.

You can also add Keith Law from ESPN to that list if you would like.....

That's just one example from a major media source. That's not counting the opinions from Pittsburgh fans in the Pittsburgh area who called in after the draft on local sports radio and tv programs who were also not very happy about picking up Moskos over Weiters and passing up on Weiters in general.
Porcello has the most upside of the whole first round and he didn't go until 27th.

Like I said, I didn't like the pick. But keep in mind that at least half those fans burning up the phone lines wouldn't have been able to tell the two guys apart if they were standing side by side. They just wanted something to bitch about because a Pittsburgher isn't happy unless they're bitching.
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