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Default Re: What's with the ticky-tack calls!

Originally Posted by Iron City Hangover
I wasn't trying to insult you. You were the one who called me a prick without being provoked because you didn't understand my avatar or signature. Sounds pretty lost to me so I suggested mapquest.

Moving on.
I didn't call you a prick because of your signature or avatar, simply because of your attitude. It sucks. Opinions are great, everyone has them. Obviously you don't like mine either. So I guess we are on even ground. I on the other hand don't pretend to be a fan of the Steelers just to provoke arguments with other people. My opinion is that you are a sad, lonely person that has a chip on your shoulder about something. Thing is, I don't care what it is. If you want to continue this game of back and forth arguing, feel free. you amuse me. If not, I won't lose any sleep over you.

Moving on.

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