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Default Re: Steelers enjoying typical disrespect...

Getting worried about where you rank on some website is ludicrous.

With regard to the NFL "rankings" it's not the BCS, where you are sweating out some sportswriter screwing you out of a proper ranking in order to help out the prospects of the sportswriter's local team (e.g. the Texas sportswriters who lowballed Cal in the polls last year so the final BCS rankings would put Texas rather than Cal in the Rose Bowl). It is not even college bball, where polls can impact your seeding in the NCAA tournament.

The NFL decides who gets in the playoffs and where they play based solely on what you do on the field. These "rankings" are total nonsense and a functon of needing to put something up on your site to attract readers. For what it is worth, Dr. Z has forgotten more about football than Prisco will ever know.

In closing, the Steelers were a unanimous #1 in the rankings at the end of last year's regular season - seen any T-shirts or hats proclaiming that fact or talked to anyone who cares about that ranking?
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