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Default Re: My Fantasy League players

Originally Posted by AlMeister View Post
QB- Ben Roethlisbrger,Eli Manning
RB- LT, Maurice jones-drew, Michael bennett, and Ricky Williams(WTF)
WR-Santonio Holmes,Hines Ward, Marvin Harrison,vincent jackson,drew bennett,Eddie kennison
TE- Chris cooley, Heath miller
D/ST- Steelers
K- jeff Reed

I didnt homer it up too bad did I?:sign09:
You'll tank, sorry it's the truth! You need to get better at every position except TE and WR. Your RB and QB choices all but guarantee failure. You drafting partners must have been licking their collective chops. This is what my draft looked like (10 people participated):

Tom Brady
Brian Westbrook
Laurence Maroney
Plaxico Burress
Terrell Owens
Anquan Boldin
Kellen Winslow
Chargers D/ST
Robbie Gould

Deion Branch
Vincent Jackson
Brandon Jackson
Tatum Bell
Dolphins D/ST
Brett Favre
Owen Daniels

Originally Posted by Kaeg View Post
My draft is coming up this Thursday night. I'm gonna try not to be too much a homer. Pitt. DST is gonna be one of my top defensive choices tho. Santonio I think will be worth a look, and I doubt anyone in my league is really giving him much thought. I'm expecting to pick him up as a bargain in a later round. Time will tell...
You should look at the Ravens or Bears before selecting the Steelers D IMHO. Even the Chargers, Dolphins, and Packers are in the mix after Baltimore and Chicago. Don't forget to consider the scoring system.

P.S. Being a homer in fantasy football = you usually won't win much. The Colts might be the only exception. Manning, Harrison, Wayne, Addai, and Vinatieri are all top notch fantasy players, just stay away from the D and TE.
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