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Default Why Linux sucks...for now.

Ok?so, I downloaded the latest Fedora 7 Linux release. I work in IT and want to configure my home PC to dual boot to both Windows Vista and Linux. Now, I have no strong feelings for either (some people are irrationally behind one or the other). To me, they are just operating systems on computers?I look at them both as opportunities to teach myself something new and to make me more money at the work I do. BUT?.

I partition part of one of my hard drives in preparation for the Linux load. All goes well. Linux 64bit version loads flawlessly. I configure the system to give me the option of booting to either OS when my computer fires up (a handy little Linux utility called GRUB). All continues to go well. But, here is the problem. DRIVERS. This is the bane of the current Linux existence. The complete lack of driver support for many current and popular pieces of hardware.

There are no Linux drivers for my sound card and my wireless network adapter. So, no sound and no internet. Running cable is not a viable long term option right now so no Linux for me!!!!!

I hope driver support changes in the future.

On top of all that, they make installing a new driver rather archaic in Linux.

Linux lacks some of the polish that Microsoft has with Windows. Otherwise, I think it could compete.

Sorry for the rant and I know some of you have no idea about what I am talking about. I just had to vent.

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