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Default Re: Why Linux sucks...for now.

Originally Posted by Dynasty View Post
The thing is, Fedora Core isn't a distro designed to be so easy-to-use right out of the box. On the other hand, if you were looking at one like Ubuntu, that would be a different story. When I have had linux on computers at my house, I never had problems setting up drivers.... but that might be because the computer had a low-end setup with many integrated components.

But I'm fairly certain that a lot of that depends on the distro.
Linux has a decent driver base for onboard and legacy hardware. Integrated graphics and sound are usually supported, as are basic NIC offerings.

What Linux distributions lack, in general, is support for (mostly end user) peripheral hardware. I was amazed that Fedora 7 found my ATI Radeon's a newer x1900. But Creative and Linksys won't release drivers for it's components as they are mostly marketed to home users who would rarely use Linux. Almost anything that you would find in a server will have Linux support.

But, I think that is partly what is holding Linux back from really competing in the home market. It still is just a fringe OS that only pros and nerds will install. I would never put it on, for instance, my parents machine.

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