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Default Re: Study: 9 Guns for Every 10 Americans

Originally Posted by SteelShooter View Post
only 9 for every 10????????

I need to buy a few more to get our numbers up!

Seriously though,

I am an example of one of those "typical gun-toting Americans" SteelersMongol. I own a few weapons myself. Some are for home defense, some are for plinking and targeting, but the vast majority of mine are for hunting. One weapon does not allow me to pursue the wide variety of game that I enjoy hunting. Different situations call for different applications, therefore different weapons.

I have never committed a crime and I have faithfully served my country's military for more than 20 years. I truly do not believe I am a threat to society.
.....Mark me down as owning 3 of now.

Keep in mind; were it not for an armed civilian populace, neither this wonderful United States of America, nor my beloved Texas would have won their independance.
What some miss... is that the right to bear arms was for the purpose of the populace being able to defend itself against its own government if necessary.
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