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Default Puppy feeding thoughts...


My wife and I got a Choc. Lab puppy a few months ago (at 8 weeks). He is now 7 months old and we recently went from 3 meals a day down to two, morning and evening. Everything is great with our dog. He is growing and is at a healthy weight. We feed him the recommended cups for his size and breed and only use high end Nutro food.

So, we are having a discussion a number of months ago with my wife's sister. They have a Puggle. They would just free feed her (leave food out at all times) and said this is "less cruel". Needless to say, they ended up with a fat Puggle that is about 20 lbs over its healthy weight. She thinks our dog is skinny and that we should feed him more. LOL!

So, I guess this is an informal poll. How often do you feed your dog(s)?? I know this is totally dependant on breed and size. I know I can't just leave my Lab's bowl full at all times as he devours anything we give him and he would be fat in a matter of weeks.

Oh….and just discovered the absolute joys of a prong collar for training! Wow…what a difference it makes. We were against using a choke collar but the prong is humane and much easier!

Also...the dog crate is a housetraining godsend.

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