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Default Re: Puppy feeding thoughts...

We've owned two Labs, and are now down to one 13 year old Wolf. (He's 86% Timber & 14% Malamute. We have this great geneology report) The labs will eat, and eat, and eat, if you let them. Our Lab Sparky, who passed away a year ago, became overweight, so we bought the Hills K/D because it's lower in protein & calories, but filling to the dog. Can & dry is available, for adult dogs. Our Labs also loved baby carrots for snacks! No shit!

No way would I ever recommend leaving food out for a Lab! Twice per day is perfect!

We've also been very fortunate in training our dogs. A strong Alpha-Male figure has worked very well for all commands. Especially with the 120 lbs. Wolf.

Never tried the crate training. I hear it works very well! We have always tied a small bell to their collar, and took them out every time they woke up. This lasted about two weeks, and they were trained not to go in the house. There were a few accidents along the way.

Please post a pic of your pup!?
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