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Default Re: Puppy feeding thoughts...

Originally Posted by Hammer67 View Post
MasterofPuppets: No joke...that's close to how my Sis in law's dog got!!

But, I have researched more then I care to elaborate. I probably read the equivalent of two books on labs. And, talked to countless lab owners and different vets.
One thing I am amazed at is how uninformed some people are who own dogs.

We have him going to a great obedience school (3rd week out of 8) and I had him trained to sit, lie down and stay early on. Crate training is the greatest as it house trains them in a matter of days. You just have to be careful and gradually get them accustomed to it. It becomes their kennel and they end up spending free time in there when you are home and the cage door is open. We were leaving him in during the day as both my wife and I work weekdays. She would come home at lunch to feed him and let him out. Now that he is going on 8 months, we leave him the entire workday. Not one accident in the crate.

He used to sleep in it at night but now he is so well behaved that he sleeps either under our bed or on it. We don't worry about chewing things like cords and furniture...he has enough toys that he knows is his.

I totally recommend researching the type of dog you want before you buy. Get a crate to make your life easier (especially if you don't have a fenced in yard to let them roam free in.

Plus, our trainer just showed us a prong collar. His only behavioral issue was pulling on the leash. I could control him but he is pushing 50lbs now and the wife can't handle him. So, we got the prong. it basically simulates the mother nipping at their neck skin. It doesn't choke them, it lightly pinches the skin if they pull. So, he ends up walking so nicely at our side now. What a great invention. he no longer tries to choke himself by dragging us!

Here he is:
Great looking Pup!!! Boy he looks happy in the water with a ball! My Labs loved the water! Sparky even enjoyed running around in the rain. Thanks for sharing!
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