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Default Re: Puppy feeding thoughts...

Originally Posted by memphissteelergirl View Post
While we are on the subject...let me ask you guys this:

Where do you stand on training with treats? I know this is a standard practice, but it seems to me if you do it too long this could also lead to weight issues.

A good question that I researched thoroughly. I have found that some people are dead set against it as some dogs will not do anything even without treats if that's all you use.
I have found, that early on treats are great and keep a puppy's attention. The trick is to not use too many. I take tiny bits of string cheese or brake a slim jim type of treat into tiny pieces. They work just as well as attention getters and you can make one treat go a long way.

Then, as the puppy grows and learns, generally lessen the number of treats you give them. Just make sure you praise them a ton when they do something right.

If you moderate it like that, you shouldn't have a weight problem. Just break down the treats in to tiny bits for training purposes.

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