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Default Kimo a Steeler again?

Credit Jim Wexell for first noting that the Steelers could end up filling their need for a sixth defensive linemen with an old friend. Kimo Von Oelhoffen is in danger of being cut by the Jets after losing his starting job. While his salary may no longer fit into the Jets plans, the idea of bringing back the longtime Steeler seems a perfect fit for Pittsburgh

The Steelers have three very good starting defensive linemen and two quality backups (Travis Kirschke and Chris Hoke). But when it comes to picking a sixth defensive lineman, the reality is that neither Nick Eason or Ryan McBean is a guy the Steelers want logging significant snaps this year. And right now one of those two is one sprained ankle away from playing 15-20 snaps.

McBean has clearly established he's not ready--he's hoping to just record a single tackle before the preseason ends, although his athletic potential should earn him a redshirt season to gain weight and hopefully come back as a contributor in 2008. Eason is adequate at best. Unfortunately when he's not at his best he gets blown off the line.

Von Oelhoffen doesn't have that problem as he's still a strong, if slow and aging, defensive end. He's not someone the Steelers would want starting on a weekly basis these days, but he's a perfect fit as a "break glass in case of Aaron Smith injury" guy. He seemed to leave for New York still holding the Steelers in high regard. So hopefully if he is waived we'll see him in black and gold before long....

He might be ok to have around in case of emergency or give somebody a breather, if he wants to sign for cheap. No sense in having another over paid sweat model though.

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