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Default Re: Puppy feeding thoughts...

Originally Posted by memphissteelergirl View Post

Do you think that's the same for adult dogs? I am planning to adopt one from a shelter or rescue organization.
I don't see why not. Just don't overfeed it and if it is a high energy breed, make sure it gets the proper exercise.

One mistake my sis in law made was allowing their dog to just eat whenever. Dogs, like people, can have different eating habits. So, some will eat everything in front of them (like my dog) or just pick at their food. She left food in their dog's dish all the time and even fed it table scraps. Big no no in my house.

We feed our dog 4 cups a day (two in the morning two in the evening) of it's regular food and complement that with a few milkbones and training treats. he also gets some peanut butter in a kong before we leave in the morning as a treat and to coax him into the crate.

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