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Default Re: Welcome to our first Raven fan..

I'd love to come over here and do some smack talking, but as you can see, our team is in a free fall. NO QB, No O Line, bad coaching and playing against you guys without Ray and Reed can really take the wind out of your sails. All I can say is I expect to be so polluted by halftime that the pain won't hit till mid-week.

Our only hope is the Coach Coward plays it his usual conservative self and keeps us in the game where a late turnover can give us the chance. If Coward lets Ben play and open it up, you can take us out early.

Nice additions with Parker and Miller. You guys are even better than last Year and our only other chance is to hold Tom Brady posters up in order to psyche you guys out.

I'll be sending over some of my guys so be gentle.

stop by when you get the chance. -
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