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Default Re: Patriots | Harrison suspended

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Yeah, I'm a little concerned some Steelers may be implicated at some point, especially since they recently canned a team doctor for buying 150 grand worth of the stuff with his credit card.
Me too - it sounds like the testing for HGH is pretty haphazard and where you get implicated is if you are dumb enough to have your name show up in seized records or a subject of an investigation does like P-Funk or Q and rolls over on you.

Mortenson said Harrison did not test positive so apparently his name turned up in the investigation and he fessed up to Goodell - in the attached audio link Mortenson and Lennie P. laugh about teh word being out that the Commissioner does not like to be lied to)

Not a good sign for whichever team has the assistant who has been questioned.
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