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Default Re: Richard Seymour out 6 weeks

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
chad jackson is the forgotten man because i think he has been put on the shelf. im not sure if he is on IR or the PUP so i dont know if he is out of action for 1 year or just 6 weeks. everything ive hear in speculation is that he needs to be shelved for the year to fully rehab and be given a fresh start next season.

what this basically means is he has absolutely no value whatsoever other than to the team who spent a 2nd round pick on him. he is pretty much a bust to this point.

now this dont mean much to the pats cause they gave away a 2nd and 4th rounder for moss and welker and had no problem dumping branch for a 1st. only 2 of their draft picks from 07 made the 53 man roster.

as it is, i think the pats have a whopping 8 wr's under contract-

t. brown
c. jackson
j. gaffney
r. caldwell
r. moss
d. stallworth
w. welker
k. washington

with all the impending defensive woes (suspensions, holdouts, and injuries) i think this is the 1 year where management decided it was best to let brady pretend he was manning or palmer and go out and try to win it all with his arm.

some would say its cutting edge and giving the most weapons to the best qb in the game. others would say its an act of desperation.
I will take the latter choice... With two playoff loss years in a row (not bad as far as normal team standards, but horrible for the Pats) I think they view the teams window as closing. Now, that doesn't mean in a year or two they will be under .500 but I think as far as their standards go (Three rings in four years) they are coming to the realization that it can't last forever...

I wouldn't necessarily call it "desperation" as much as trying to make the most of the current opportunity... An opportunity that has a lot left but not as much as it did the past couple of years... Ya know? I think the team is somewhere between breaking out huge and going places never imagined or having the window slammed shut... I don't like all the moves they have made this year for this year but I think once everyone settles in and they weed out the bad, assuming Brady hasn't gone into a coma, they will improve next year and dominate. That is again, assuming everything works to a certain extent this year.
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