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Default Pic of your dog (s)

Hammer generated quite a bit of interest from many posters about our awesome friends, our dogs! His pup is a great looking chocolate Lab! Thought it would be cool to see everyone's dogs in a thread!

This is my Wolf Kavik. He's 120 lbs. and almost 14 years old in human years. We've had him since six weeks, and purchased him from a local breeder. We received a full geneology report, along with great information as it pertains to owning a Wolf. The breeder would not allow the purchase, without knowing the people, and having them spend time around the Wolf family (mother, huge father, and 7 wolf cubs) Each prospective owner must own other dogs, as part of the pack, and have a good size yard for exercise. An in-home visit with our family and our dogs was also within the purchasing criteria.

Over the past year our two labs passed (Spirit was our 16 year-old crazy girl, and Sparky was our 14 year-old happy-boy) and that has slowed him down a bit. There are now times that he will howl in his sleep, a message that he misses them. There is nothing like a deep loud howl of a wolf.

Kavik just craves lots of love and is very social with people. When he was young, he would shy away from almost everyone. Over the years he has left many gifts at our back door including possum, birds, and one huge rooster! (We had feathers everywhere!) He can't stand skunks!

Hope to see yours!

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