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Default Re: Puppy feeding thoughts...

I've owned quite a few dogs, and I think I've found an almost perfect regiment. I use three foods (Nutro and Purina One for dry, and Bil Jac wet), and alternate them. If I buy Bil Jac that's what he gets for a week (it spoils after about 9 days), but the Purina One and Nutro I buy in bulk, mix together and it lasts a while.

I feed my dog once in the morning, then walk him and he goes. That is usually around 6:30-6:45 AM. 3 times a week we go on a 3.5 "walk" right after he eats (which is also my interval training). We walk for a bit, run for a mile, walk for a mile, then run for a mile, then walk the last little bit. He also eats when I get home, which is usually around 5:30 PM, and we walk a bit and he goes. He VERY rarely deviates from this, and with those pretty high end foods, he is regular and there are no problems.

Oh, I should add, he is around 7.5 years old, and I just took him to the vet. The vet says he is one of the healthiest dogs he's seen at that age.
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