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Default Tomlin Press Conference

It just ended...

I apologize. It's not exactly the greatest breakdown of a press conference......

On Rossum. He's very high on Rossum. Tomlin stated that he brings a "veteran presence" in order to help Willie Reid along. He is a "dangerous dual threat" and will be competing with Reid this week. He will make a final decision closer to game time. He also went on to state that Rossum is "somebody to be reckoned with".

Asked if Holmes will ever be back on returns, he stated that Holmes will be focusing on is WR duties.

Tomlin was then asked about Okobi/Mahan/Stapleton.

On Mahan, he "distinguished himself and took advantage of the opportunites given to him". When it came to a starter, he was our best option.

On Stapleton, he was kept around because of what Tomlin feels "he can do". He was very impressed with the way he bounced from his injury (mentally) and his overall showing in camp and during the preseason. He showed "great maturity" and "very little error". "He did not fall behind mentally". At the same time, "he's not a finished product".

He was asked about Okobi in the Mahan/Stapleton question, but he did not comment on him. Sort of left Okobi out of the response.

On Parker being a third down back, it depends on "conditioning stand point" and going by game by game situations.

Also, "we are going to be open to developement of men even though we are moving into September".

(Shows his appreciation for Cleveland, Romeo Crennel in particular)

When it comes to our schedule, "We don't care of time, day, place. We will be prepared to play."

On Timmons, "Lawrence is just trying to get in where he can fit in"...."He will contribute more in the kicking game than on defense" in the beginning. "He is competing for a helmet this week"...

About the cuts, "You know it has the makings of a good team if the cuts are hard".

On Russell, "The stage was not too big for him. He's a patient, smart player. Knows when to take what's there. He always falls forward. And must continue to develope".

On defense, "We have an exciting defense, regardless of the negatives", he was surprised at how they responded. "They were impressive".

On special teams practice, "We put in what we feel is necessary", but "it's not a finished product. Our coverage was respectable.".

On Roethlisberger, he responded "well" to more responsibility. A "capable QB".

On James Harrison, he likes where he is. He "comfortable" with him. Harrison has "no fear of the unknown". His role has changed a little, by becoming captain of ST and a starter.

On Willie Colon. He will get the start on Sunday. While it's only his second year "he's been there and done that". Tomlin is pleased with his level of play.

Side note: Heath Miller and St. Pierre are back and healthy. Our only scratch will be Cooper (hamstring).

That's about it. Once again, I apologize.
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