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Default Re: Tomlin Press Conference

Thanks alot 83-43. Who needs Cowher, Tomlin has some pretty good quotes to remember!!

He knows what to say to build people up without propping them up to high,

On Russell, "The stage was not too big for him. He's a patient, smart player. Knows when to take what's there. He always falls forward. And must continue to develope".

On defense, "We have an exciting defense, regardless of the negatives", he was surprised at how they responded. "They were impressive".

And he knows how to tear them down allitle while keeping them motivated,

On Timmons, "Lawrence is just trying to get in where he can fit in"...."He will contribute more in the kicking game than on defense" in the beginning. "He is competing for a helmet this week"...

On Roethlisberger, he responded "well" to more responsibility. A "capable QB".

I also love the way he keeps that fire burning under everyones arse.

Also, "we are going to be open to developement of men even though we are moving into September".

I can't wait until Sunday, Tomlin you better not let me down I'm one of your biggest supporters!!
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