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Lightbulb Makes me do alot of thinking

As I was sitting in the waiting room today on my mother n law to get out of a check up she had for a 6 month checkup after her brain anurism I was reading a article in "Mens Health Magazine" about the whole deal on the NFLPA and the former players that were looking for compensation for their past playing times. I dont know if I was the only one that didnt know this.. but the retired players may not collect on their share of the $$ from the NFLPA until they are 55 years old. And the average life span is only 50 years for NFL players, aint that astounding to anyone else other than me? To hear some of the stories that DeMarco Coleman I think it was in that magazine, man it is just obsurd what these trainers and coaches make these players do. For this reason, I think that the players should have their own doctors and the players shouldnt be forced to play with such injuries as a broken leg just juiced up not to feel anything. Its sad that our former heroes are out here suffering to make it through life homeless and not really having anywhere near a normal life and these players of todays game is living it up with all this guarenteed money... its bull crap and its time that our players took a stand for it.
Now, I think that todays players shouldnt have a problem putting enough money back to get them through the rest of their lives with all the money these owners are putting out, but they must help the ones that made the NFL what it is today and that means taking care of our past heroes who are all but crippled from playing a game that they loved. I think that Mike Ditka is right about going after Gene Upshaw who is making milions of dollars a year to "supposedly" help his fellow former players out... the system just isnt working and it just out Sucks!!
Lets hear what everyone else thinks and if there is someone that has that magazine article with all the information in it and would be willing to share it with everyone. It is kind of long, but it really should make everyone think about what our NFL heroes really go through to give us the pleasure of watching NFL Football every season and what they sacrafice in their lives for us the fans and their families.
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