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Default Re: Tomlin Press Conference

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
I was joking whan I posted several weeks ago that maybe we can shuffle the O-line all year to build depth. Maybe it is not a joke. If you have 2 people competing for a position afer the regular season starts that alsmost always means you have no one worthy of starting at that position.

I am glad we are so excited about our return team that we are bringing in someone who could not stick with what is widely regarded to be the worst team in the league this year.

If Tomlin wants to be involved in the development of men send them to seminary in the offseason. Just because the cliches have changed from the Cowher era does not mean they are not cliches.
I didn't get the same message that you got Dan from that quote. That being said I agree with your stance all the way. I definetely don't want to see musical chairs on the O-line all year.

I understood it more along the lines Tony described. I'm excited in the fact that McFadden and Smith will be working that much harder to get on the field, and they will get on the field. I'm excited to see Russell get some opportunities, and be that physical runner we're all waiting for. I'm excited to see Woodley on the field, pushing Haggans.

Did I mention I was excited.

I just like the fact that at every position there are guys pushing each other.

I really think Rossum is going to perform well for us in an area that was a huge disappointment last year. Don't forget that we cut a guy that many believed was our best at his position. Teams release guys for various reasons. The way I look at it, their loss is our gain.

I really appreciate the play by play at the press conf. 83-43, as well as everyones comments on Tomlin. Its nice to hear from you town folk who are there on the scene. If anyone is interested I could tell you about Billichicks press conf...... I didn't think so.
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