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Default Once again....

Thusfar I've been extremely happy with what I've heard/seen from the coaching staff this year.....but to me the most expected thing to see out of the staff during training camp up to the start of the regular season is to make sure the best player is on the field.

I dont think that is the case this year.

If you'd like to make an argument AGAINST Anthony Smith starting, taking into consideration the fact that hes done nothing but PRODUCED under the small amount of time he gets on the field, then please feel free to "enlighten" me.

McFadden sitting on the bench as a rookie is understandable, the second year: ehh I'm not liking it but I'll live, BUT THREE STRAIGHT YEARS!! Man, I just don't get it. I started salivating at the mouth with the thought of Porter, McFadden, and Smith laying down the law on their side of the field......if you were to tell me at the close of the '06 season that NONE OF THE TREE would be starting, I'd have laughed and simply stated " a f'ing steelers game!'

I like Deshea, I like Harrison, and I like Clark. But I also have watched, studied, loved, supported, questioned, screamed at, and re-found faith in this football team....lets give the proper players their shot at performing on a regular basis....they've earned it
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