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Default Re: Tomlin wants in season practice to be as intense as training camp?

Pretty clear Tomlin has lost faith in Reid as a returner by bringing in Rossum and apparently handing him the return job based on what Tomlin has seen on film. Glad to see Holmes is ruled out as an option on returns - your gamebreaker starters do not need to get banged up on kick returns.

As for maintaining training camp intensity for practices during the season, we will see how much of that is talk - the pre-camp talk of all the two a days turned out to be not quite the death march that had been anticipated. If Tomlin actually does go down that road he might have a burned out team on his hands as the schedule toughens up in October. He has made a good impression so far but this is the first time he has had the car keys; we will find out now how good a driver he is.

All the media talk by Tomlin and interpretation of that talk by the media is pointless - it is what is said in the locker rom and on the field that counts. If Tomlin wants to come across to the fans as General Patton (or the media has decided that is the image they are going to create for him) we can take it or leave it as we choose - all that matters is whether or not he wins.
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