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Default Re: Tomlin wants in season practice to be as intense as training camp?

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
I heard this on the local (northeast PA) radio today; no sources given. The announcer said exactly that, that Tomlin wants to keep in season practice as competitive as training camp.


If this is true, I call it Tomlin's first serious miscalculation.

Agreed. This is a mistake not entirely uncommon to first-year coaches, too. I remember this being an issue for Lovie Smith in his first year with the Bears a couple years ago. He worked them with maximum intensity from day 1 of training camp to like, Week 8 of the regular season before he realized that too many of his players were being sidelined with relatively non-serious but still painful injuries that could be avoided.

There is a fine line between maintaining discipline and fitness and pushing players to a point that is unrpoductive and possibly not healthy. I think Tomlin should tend to stay further away from that point rather than getting up to the edge and seeing how far he can push it. If the Steelers come out flat in the first two or three games and just look like they're being outclassed as far as strength and endurance, then maybe you change the policy a bit. But to announce it now is like saying he's not even going to give the players a chance to prove themselves.

I would say I'm definitely a little wary of this as well.
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