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Default Re: Tomlin wants in season practice to be as intense as training camp?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
As for maintaining training camp intensity for practices during the season, we will see how much of that is talk - the pre-camp talk of all the two a days turned out to be not quite the death march that had been anticipated. If Tomlin actually does go down that road he might have a burned out team on his hands as the schedule toughens up in October. He has made a good impression so far but this is the first time he has had the car keys; we will find out now how good a driver he is.
Yea, I agree Dan. Camp was tougher than under Cowher but like you said it wasn't a death march.

I think Tomlin might keep this approach for this week, hoping the guys come out the way they did against the Saints. You have to admit that the Saints looked like they didn't belong on the same field with us.

My point being that Tomlin understands the importance of this first game. If we win we hold a share of the div. lead. We can set a tone early for what type of team we will become this season.

For all the talk of a tough training camp and now this talk of carrying that type of practice into the regular season, I think Tomlin is just pushing mental buttons. Tomlin didn't burn the guys out in camp and he won't do it now that the regular season is here.
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