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Default Re: I'm not buying what Vick is selling

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
I can assure you Vick will be on message and humble through sentencing - his attorneys got him off Tom Joyner's show last week becuase they do not want Vick to say anything unscripted that can unravel his goal of getting the lowest possible sentence from Judge Hudson (and may have yanked him from Joyner's show after he apparently could not even stay on script and refer to the suffering dogs part of the note).

In addition to being a sadist, Vick is not very bright - we will not get any media appearances with a chance for any questions (softball or otherwise) until after he is sentenced. After that, he will not be holding any media events while he is in prison.
I'm glad we are not hearing from him what he did was repulsive and I don't want to hear fony excuses or appologies until he serves his time.

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