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Default Skip Bayless on Vince Young

I don't know about anyone else but Skip Bayless IMO is a raging moron. Today on ESPN First Take the were talking about the QB that is most fun to watch. Skip said Vince Young now I have no problem with that because he is fun to watch my problem is with his reasons. Skip said that Young has redefined the QB position...really. So apparently Young (in Skips world) is the first running QB. Give me a break he is not the first or the best. I guess Skip has a bad memory he has apparently forgot about guys like Randall Cuningham and Fran Tarkenton and even Donavan Mcnabb. Tarkenton if you remember was a great running QB and Randall Cuningham was arguably the best running QB IMO. Cuningham was Vince Young before Vince Young was. I think Young could have a great career but I think it is a little early to give him the credit he is allready getting. Plus Skip Bayless is an idiot.

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