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Default Re: Cleveland's Leigh Bodden Arrested.

Originally Posted by UK CANDY BEE View Post
Most airport cops are walking talking rectal cavities........ my guess is he was just waiting for a minute (probably much less) to pick up some folks and some Barney Fife wannabe couldn't resist the urge to flex his badge muscles !!

I used to think that the vast majority of cops were okay...... and that the few bad eggs ruined the reputation of the many.......... but more and more I am beginning to believe that most cops are anuses !!

I'd love to hear Bodden's account of what happened........... never known him to be in any kind of trouble before.......... so why would he start now.......... at an airport, of all places ?? could put this in quotes and add Marvin Lewis's name to it and noone would blink an eye!
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