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Default Re: Cleveland's Leigh Bodden Arrested.

Originally Posted by UK CANDY BEE View Post

I'd love to hear Bodden's account of what happened........... never known him to be in any kind of trouble before.......... so why would he start now.......... at an airport, of all places ??
Because he is an idiot?

Next time you want to take out after the cops maybe you should read what happened first.

A police officer saw Bodden driving a 2004 GMC Yukon in reverse in the one-way arrivals area, Cleveland police spokes man Thomas Stacho said. The officer told Bodden to stop and pull over, and Bodden re fused. He told him a second time and Bod den complied and parked the car illegally in a restricted area.

Bodden got out of the car and started to walk into the terminal. The officer told him to return to the car. Bodden refused, Stacho said. The officer told him to give him his driver's license, and Bodden told him it was in his car. "He then became extremely verbally abusive, shouting various profanities at the officer," Stacho said.

The officer called for backup and the officers decided to arrest Bodden, and he resisted.

Sure sounds like police brutality to me
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