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Default Re: cowher still coaching? (predicts steelers 3rd in division)

Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
So what.........Yea its great to go to 6 AFC title games and only win 2.....Especially since 5 of those games were in the

I'm glad Cowher is gone and it was long over due......I was a huge Cowher fan at onetime.....He was a very good football coach...But he sucked in big games...Thats his legacy to me.....A Super Bowl XL win doesn't erase all those other let

Yes the players deserve blame also but I also put blame on the coaches as well.....
What portion of the blame does a coach deserve for horrible interceptions at crucial times or for special teams getting ran all over them. I look at super bowl XXX one of the best calls I've ever seen in a football game was the surprise onside kick that Cowher made. That call gave us a chance and Neil threw that chance right to Larry Brown of all people. I don't know why fans blame Cowher for that crap he was a great coach and a hall of fame coach I guess wining more games than another team during his tenure just isn't enough for some people.

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