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Default "Tomlin-Speak"

Hey all...

I looked around and didn't see this posted elsewhere, so I am sorry if I am talking about something that has been talked about before...

I have been noticing something about Coach Tomlin and how he speaks and chooses his words. He could be completely BS-ing, but I don't think so. He shows a very interesting attitude of seriousness and respect for his players.

The main example that I notice repeatedly is his reference to the people on his team as "MEN" and not "guys, fellas, players or anything else. They are MEN. I think that this actually speaks volumes about what expectations he has for the MEN as far as their actions on and off the field, but it also says a lot about the respect he has for this group!

I think he expects the same respect from the men he coaches as he give them. He says repeatedly that he is "developing these men" and "expecting more from the men"...

This is in contrast with the Chin, who I feel...especially in the last year of his tenure....was a "player's coach" and was "one of the guys" so to speak. His method of commanding respect was from being one of them. Coach Tomlin doesn't seem to me to seek to be "one of them" but the "leader of them" on and off the field. There seems to be a respectful (and healthy) distance between coach and player, and the players seem to be responding well to it.

I am excited about this new era, and can't wait to see the talk turned to actions! After Sunday, the "TALK" will be accompanied by the "WALK"!

Sorry this is rambling a bit! Enjoy the read!

Mike in La Crosse, WI
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