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Default Re: Game plan goes through Ben?

i don't know yet, i'll tell you in a few weeks

i'm not sure about ben's judgement yet. i think we are gonna see the reins loosened this year, and i hope he has the maturity to make good decisions. so far he has done pretty well, but he was instructed what to do by the coaches in previous years, i believe.

he should have good communication w/ arians, but i don't know how much rein they should give him. i have mixed feelings about this one. ben tries to hard to carry the team sometimes (or he has in the past) and if he gets tunnel vision and tries to make big plays, they need to pull him back. on the other hand, he's been through a lot and i think we are gonna see a new ben this year. like i said , i have mixed feelings. i'm not sure this is the right move, but you have to trust that the coaches know what they're doing.
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