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Default Cope's Rant

Did anyone hear Myron Cope on the DVE morning show this morning? He went on a huge rant about Bruce Arians and "what he is doing to the team."

He started by saying that Arians had "humiliated" Krieder, because Arains let it be leaked that Krieder might get cut, then (after he makes the team) he's not starting him.

Then Cope went on to say how the three tight end set won't work---and all this new-fangled (my word not his) passing won't work. Then he said if it does work its only because Ben Roethlisberger is the QB. He also said Ben has the most "natural" talent of any QB in the league.

Cope mainly kept the blame to Arians, but a couple of times he threw in the: "and what's Tomlin doing letting Arians make all these changes."

I listened for about 10 minutes then had to go into work. Anyone hear the rest of it?

Jim and Randy just kinda sat in stunned silence, then tried to change the topic.

It was actually quite funny in that uncomfortable---I can't believe he's saying that---kind of way.
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