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Default Heisman Trophy

The MAC conference has produced Chad Pennington, Bryon Leftwich and Ben Roethlisberger. Did anyone of these 3 receive the Heisman Trophy? NO.

WHY? What is the crietria to win? This is an individual performace trophy, correct? NO

Check back into the history of this, the player HAS to be on a winning team from a Division A school, I think, please someone tell me I am wrong.

I mean look at the the 3 very current excellent football players that did not win the Heisman but yet now are phenominal football players in the NFL.

I wonder how many greats actually did win it. What about Vick, did he win the Heisman? How many NFL players have become really great players? Or did many of these guys develop into the greats they are?
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