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Default Re: Ben gets to change gameplan, "Good or Bad idea""

Originally Posted by SteelDogFan View Post
I believe Ben will have a great year, But I don't know if giving him Veto power on weekly game-plan issues is a good idea. Coaches and coordinators watch defenses to find weaknesses and to see things that will work against the other team. I know other teams (with veteran QB's) may do this. But it just seams that its a bit much for a third year QB to take on.

I know Ben is a smart QB, very smart, I'm not saying he'll be manning but I do see him completely running the offense in the future. But! he's only been in the league three years. Changing the game-plan seems to be something to be left up to the coaches for now.
Actually, Ben is a fourth year QB, Now, I don't point that out to be a jerk, but to keep in mind that he has now seen virtually every defensive set in the NFL. He knows which ones he plays better against and which ones he is less comfortable with. FUrthermore, I can only imagine that he has started to be able to pick up on things during the game. He needs to have the ability to become the Field-general that all dominate, Multi-SB teams have. If we ever want to win 3 more SB's, or 4 within a timespan that will give us a second dynasty, we HAVE to let Ben develop that ability NOW. He only has another 5 to 8 years in the league, 12 at the most. It is his fourth year. Open it up and give him control.
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