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Default Re: cowher still coaching? (predicts steelers 3rd in division)

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
You think Dilfer was responsible for the Ravens winning that SB? Well, that makes about two people in the world that believes that - you and Dilfer himself.

What great QB were the Steelers trying to replace? Try Bradshaw - for 20+ years. Hence my comment about the Broncos. Plummer was at-best an average QB, just like O'Donnell was, who couldn't get the team over the hump in the one game they didn't jump out to a big lead in (see 2005 AFCCG) and HAD TO PASS to have any chance to win.

Yep, I know that Plan-B affected the whole NFL. Would you have preferred the Steelers played fast-and-loose with the salary cap in the mid-90's like the Niners did, only to go through salary cap purgatory for years afterwards and falling into the realm of the Lions (which they're only now starting to crawl out of), or remained for the most part competitive the whole time? I prefer the latter, personally.

Nah man, I never said that Dilfer "was responsible for the Ravens winning the SB". Let's keep our discussions real, OK? All that I'm saying is that Dilfer was well enough that he didn't PREVENT the Ravens from winning the Super Bowl. Cowher wasn't able to say that about his QB's until Roethlisberger came along.

O'Donnell and Stewart definitely PREVENTED the Steelers from winning a Super Bowl. Can we at least agree on that? A veteran-journeyman QB would have given the Steelers a better chance than either O'Donnell or Stewart. Stewart was never going to win a Super Bowl as a starting QB and the whole freaking world knew it.

A lot of people believe that O'Donnell was responsible for the Super Bowl XXX loss and I agree. What most people fail to mention is the fact that O'Donnell nearly threw the game losing interception to Quentin Coryatt in the AFC Championship game. If Ernie Mills didn't reach around and tap the ball from Coryatt's hands it was GAME OVER so we as Steelers fans should have seen O'Donnell's Super Bowl XXX performance coming.

And let's not suggest that poor Bill Cowher took over a Steelers team that was trying to replace Bradshaw. Come on man, Bradshaw had been gone for 10 years when Cowher took over. Mark Malone, David Woodley, Todd Blacklege and Bubby Brister were attempts at replacing Bradshaw. That era had long passed when Cowher took the job,
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