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Default Re: Vick indicted

Mr. Socks doesn't seem to understand the situation. Michael Vick broke the law. He knew that dogfighting and running a gambling ring was illegal. He also lied to the feds, lied to the NFL commissioner, and lied to his fans. He is an adult, even though he may have grown up around it he should know the difference between right and wrong, and that when you break the law, you risk getting caught. He got caught and he has to live with the consequences of his actions. You say there is nothing wrong with what he did? Dogfighting is a form of animal cruelty. He killed dogs that didn't perform well in the fighting ring. I also heard that several beagles we're rescued from the house he owned, which are often used as bait animals to test a dog's fighting skill. If you don't feel there is something wrong with what he did, then you have some serious problems.

As for Vick supposedly being a target of racial profiling, thats B.S. Don't "blame society", Vick made the choice himself. Vick has no one to blame but himself. I know many successful, law-abiding black people who have never been a target of racial profiling. While I do agree that racism is still a problem, I don't agree with your whole "Vick was targeted because he is black and famous" argument. Do you have any proof that what your saying is true? Didn't think so. People like Michael Vick are part of the reason why stereotypes exist in the first place. He is a disgrace to black people.
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