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Default Just be what you are ???

Anybody ever get a chance to listen to ESPN radio between 10am-1pm weekdays..there's a host during that time named collin cowherd....but anyways..he was talking yesterday or the day b/4, about teams in the NFL, just being what they are. With colts, he was like just be what you are.. if ur a team that's gonna throw 50 times a game and win 12 games a year by just outscoring ur opponents, that's ok, just be what you are.

I normally like this guy, he's pretty funny and down to earth, but I was like Collin, WTF !!! Being what you are, especially in the colts case, has gotten them nowhere fast in late january and will continue to do so. Just being what you are isnt gonna add any vince lombardi trophy's to your case... just ask peyton manning, just ask rich gannon a couple years ago. Defense wins championships, and sooner or later ur gonna have to spend some of that cash you keep giving to the offense, on some good defensive players !!
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