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Default Re: J-E-T-S.... Chad gets injured again!

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Thats very sympathetic of you, well done.

I hate seeing guys gp down injured- as it happens Chad came back the next series - looked like a twisted ankle and not the potentially much worse knee twist where you get the weight of a d-lineman on it when its bent back.

I think Chad will be very sore tomorrow, but hope top see him on the field next week.

ps He actually played a good game - kept the Patriots D on its toes but they just didnt have the horses on D to cope with a powerful Patriots offense.

Game note - Brady 22/28 297 yds 3 TD's and 0 INT's (guess that makes him better than Manning again ...until week 2)

Lazy, injured Randy Moss 9 catches 183 yards 1 TD.

I have zero symphathy for Chad b/c he stays injured. And you're a pats fan so why are you defending him? Not that it matters but I'm married to a Jets fan AND I live in NYC so I have to listen to all the talk radio crap about Chad and his annual injury report every year.

Personally, I don't know why Man-genius let him go right back in. They've got a full medical setup there. Go inside, shoot a couple of x-rays or run an MRI. Better he miss a couple of series than run the risk of making a minor injury a major one. (anyone remember McNabb's spained ankle that was a broken leg?)

Randy sure did shut up all his detractors today. He put up some nice numbers.
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