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Default Re: Just be what you are ???

Oh I'll agree w/ you that since we live and die by the run, that makes us somewhat predictable, and that combined w/ the stubborness of cowher, can make for some hard times in the post season. There's something to be said for being who you are and not straying from what got you to the playoffs and what has given you success. I'd expect nothing else from us, but to predominately run the ball most times..but being alittle more un conventional on 1st or second down especially is something I wish we'd do more. But the flip side of it is..if you dont complete, convert those different opportunities you are trying to create by throwing on 1st and/or second down, u run the risk of 3rd and long, which isnt our strength by any stretch. However Ben really came thru last year on ALOT of big 3rd down plays all year long, so that would be something to factor in as well.

Mainly I was just referring to the fact that, if you know that you have a GLARING weakness on your team, like the colts entire defense, or the Raiders defense a few years ago, that'd you think you'd address that in the offseason, instead of dumping all your money into your offense, spend alittle more on defense to sure it up.

The Steelers every year, if we have a glaring weakness, we address it..whether it was special teams a few years, ago..we went out and took spencer away from the colts..or on defense, we brought back lebeau...secondary, we went w/ a youth movement w/ the players back there, and brought in Perry to coach them.... etc etc etc. We may be somewhat predictable, no doubt...but we're a pretty well rounded team, on the upside trend now especially w/ Ben at the QB position.

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