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Default Re: Mvp?

Dont forget tomlinson out in san diego either..although depending on what kinda year brees has, that could overshadow his importance to that team.. but I'll put money on this though..if they did not have a player like LT on the chargers..brees doesnt have any kind year even remotely close to what he had in 2004.

And w/ the chiefs..they've got a dilemman w/ what to do w/ larry johnson..the guys a playmaker and sooner or later they're gonna have to get rid of him or he's gonna leave the first chance he gets.. unless it becomes more of a scenario like Faulk/Jackon in st. louis, where he bides his time and then finally takes over, like this year. kinda of the heir apparent type deal. The only thing about priest is, he's an AWESOME back, but he's been hurt in recent years, and isnt gettting younger.
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